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Music Review: Crystal Fighters @ O2

This Evol night at the O2 has an interesting mix of bands. Last week I missed out on Hot Club de Paris because I had an exam to study for, so Crystal Fighters is technically the 4th of 10.

Crystal Fighters are a hybrid electronic act with a distinctive male vocalist singing across audacious beat & tempo changes. The set started around 9.40 after some reasonable resident stuff, and kicked the night into high gear with some loud, complex mixing that sounded really fresh. The singer then acted almost as our guide or interpreter to what we were hearing, as we experienced a selection of tracks each themed with individual emotions. Comparisons with Pendulum and Sleigh Bells are reasonable, but these guys have a much cleaner sound which makes them unique.

“It was dead good! I like the whole electric thing” said one fan who had come from as far afield as Southport to hear them play.

Finally it’s worth mentioning that the crowd was a little sparse which is a shame for such a talented group. Perhaps the sort of event being organised by Defnet Media for next April will go some way to bringing a buzz to the local scene.