Hi again.  Here’s a bit more about me:


Come from a town called Ormskirk in West Lancashire, I’m a graduate of the University of Durham, and I’ve spent some time abroad in the mid 2000s.  Now live in Cressington.


As my day job, I work for Carpenters Solicitors, based in Seacombe, near Birkenhead.  I’m responsible for Network & Systems Infrastructure, maintaining a large number of servers across a complex network topology, whilst developing & implementing projects to enhance client & internal user efficiency.

Past jobs include over 8 years in the social & student housing industries honing my many technical skills, 2 years primarily writing computer software for a small recruitment firm, and even a stint as a travelling computer repair man.


I’m studying towards a Masters in Technology Management with the Open University.  So far I’ve got a Postgraduate Diploma in Management of Software Projects, and in 2010 a second one in Technology Management.  I then took a break from OU to try my hand at Stanford University’s new online offering – AI class, and am now playing it by ear regarding my future educational plans.


I’m a regular face in the burgeoning Liverpool Technology Scene, where groups of technology, computer and creative arts centric people come together to network, talk, present and collaborate in different formats and at a range of levels.  I’m an occasional trainee banjo player, masochistic runner, fearless snowboarder, and part time Batman impersonator. One day I hope to build myself a drone.