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Music Review: Sound of Guns + Little Comets

I came to this gig having not heard Sound of Guns before but friends suggested they might be decent.

It was a fairly late start – Little Comets came on at 9 and played a surprisingly minimalistic sounding set, very little use of instruments at all to be honest. Their instantly forgettable indie drawl was a taste of what was to come, because Sound of Guns also failed to make an impression on me with regards to their music.

That’s not to say they don’t have a presence. They have floppy hair, an energetic stage performance and a decent vocalist. In fact I think I noticed that their singer doesn’t play anything – quite unusual in all male bands these days.

But what they have in style they lack in substance – they failed to hold my interest even into the second song, and I wonder if this is due in part to a lack of ambition with the guitar sound. It’s a shame because I wanted to like this band. I’m slightly embarrassed to say I didn’t stay for the encore.


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I will never get this time back, thanks a lot. For the 20 seconds it took me to read this drivel I could have been doing something more enjoyable like stapling the cat to my head

“I think I noticed their singer doesn’t play anything”?? Good god man are you for real? You’re reviewing a band and you’re not sure what instruments people are playing?

Don’t give up the day job mate, unless this is your day job

Of course I won’t give up my day job, nor was I courting any form of praise or investment of time from anyone who might happen by.

I think perhaps you misunderstand the purpose of these posts, they are simply to document a series of gigs that I was fortunate enough to win tickets for, I have no intention of writing at length, but getting something down can be a useful memory aid in the future.

But hey, thanks for taking the time to comment, you can go back to self-harming now if that’s really your thing.

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